BRIGHT HOPES! is the third release from Mike Crawford & his Secret Siblings. The secret of the Secret Siblings is that we aren’t really a band. We don’t tour, we don’t play shows. We play in various iterations each Sunday, leading worship for our church community, Jacob’s Well, in Kansas City. Every few years, the musicians from our community head into the basement and make recordings to carry the music beyond Jacob’s Well.

We’ve spent three years recording 16 songs with 50 people and over 100 minutes of music. From the start BRIGHT HOPES! has been a gigantic community art project. The 16 songs that fill three LPs and the accompanying triple-gatefold artwork are a snapshot of our collective worshipping lives. The magic of recording with so many different musicians is that each track on the record has a unique flavor. I love the fact that I get to distill the creativity and ideas of so many artists down into a cohesive record, synthesizing the many influences of our crew of musicians into the Secret Sibling sound.

BRIGHT HOPES! is our attempt at creating art that points to the depth, density, and mystery of the God we worship. These songs are intricate and layered—filled with scripture and theologically rich imagery. Each song on this record has helped our community honestly sing our hopes and our laments, our doubts and our praises. We’re excited to share them with you.

Street Date: January 27, 2017
UPC: 8 45121 00532 5
UPC Vinyl: 6 59696 44211 5

RIYL: Radiohead, The White Album, REM, Pavement, Wilco, Dave Rawlings, Brad Mehldau, Pink Floyd, the Bible

Mike Crawford
1617 W. 42nd
Kansas City, MO 6411

I stumbled across this church’s CD that is mind bending. People need to know this thing is out there. Seriously, it is ridiculous. It’s as if the Broken Social Scene were in charge of the music at a church! I just couldn’t believe a church was putting out something so artistic and well done. You’ve got to see the packaging for this thing – Nuts!

—David Crowder

Definitely expanding the borders of Christian expression in worship, this indie with a capital “I” album prvides relief for those who struggle to embrace, slick, predictable pop/rock and long to offer a more raw, immediate, and surprising worship to a God Who is constantly challenging us to “think and see and feel” another way.

—Worship Leader Magazine
–Best Indie Worship Releases of 2009

When King David exhorted us to make a joyful noise, Mike Crawford took the call seriously. Crawford – and about 22 other musicians – helms a fascinating worship album here, full of Scripture, truth, and beautiful poetry, all wrapped up in, well, a joyful noise. Some of it is melodic, some funky, some dissonant, and some down-right weird (think Sufjan Stevens meets Sigur Ros meets Jon Foreman). For intelligent, contemplative songs honoring the Creator, this is it.

—Mark Moring (Christianity Today)

One part free-verse folk ramble, a tiny part jazz-funk, one part criticism of the consumeristic Christmas that we are all pretty much guilty of joining, “Songs for the Advent Conspiracy” is the left-of-the-dial must buy this year. If you like the discordant yet tuneful nature of Modest Mouse, the unique vocal approach of The Decemberists, the truth-revealing poem rambles of Conor Oberst, and the group-sing disregard for pop-music laws of Arcade Fire, this one is for you!

—Jeremy Armstrong
(editor - Worship Leader Magazine)

Two CD's full of creative and textured arrangements and solid lyrics, as sung at one of my favorite churches in the country. The last track, "Words to Build a Life On" is like an anthem. I hope that thousands of churches around the country will start singing this song.

—Brian D. McLaren

Mike Crawford & The Secret Siblings burst forth in a pageant of extravagance that experiments with the boundaries of what a worship album can be. On headphones, it's Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Steve Earle. It’s quite a remarkable accomplishment.

—Don Chaffer (Waterdeep)

Upon hearing the opening segment, thoughts and images and sensations of what the music of the church could sound like were animated. This is the most inspiring (‘inspiring’ seems too clichéd a word, however it is exactly appropriate here) worship music I’ve come across in a long time.

—David Crowder

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