Trumped my ❤…

Yesterday was a weird day…the day after election day…the strangest election day in remember-able history…so much confusion…so much sadness on the facebook feed…anger…fear…hatred toward the haters…lots of “I-told-you-so’s” from both sides…not much love being spread around…not many feelings of peace to be found…and…our little Kickstarter project got funded…at 7:30pm on election night…

To be honest, I’ve been at a loss of how to be celebratory in this heavy environment…I feel heavy, not hopeful…so I didn’t post anything yesterday…I’m still not quite sure what to say or how to say it…but I’ll make a stab at something here…

Yesterday I was working on a song for my son Cole…I was mastering some tracks he’s wanting to release…I will admit that some of the music he listens to isn’t really familiar ground for me…some of it sounds like you found a VHS tape of an alien choir concert buried in your backyard and put some beats on top of it…and the eq sounds harsh…so much sub-bass, so much super high-end…I guess I feel “old” when I listen to it…I just don’t “get” it sometimes…So how do I help make this sound “better” when I’m not sure I know how he’s listening? He has such a different perspective than I do. Does he want it to sound better? I needed to listen…I needed to gain some perspective from what he thinks sounds good…so I listened to some other artists material that he likes.

Anyway, when I start mastering a track, I’m trying to enhance the mix by getting the settings for the loudest section of the song correct. So I just loop that one small part over and over; watching meters, looking at levels, changing compression ratios – geeky, technical stuff – not really listening to the song yet…That can be 30 minutes of listening to something that sounds like this…

So when I got my settings to a place where I feel like it really enhanced the mix, I started listening to the whole song through…I started hearing what the weird spooky choir was singing and appreciating the way Cole had put the chords together under the voices…it started bringing out a deep feeling in me…It was melting into the mood of the day and also allowing me to pray - down there in the studio as I finally deciphered what the words were repeating over and over…my brain finally catching the message that it should’ve been clued in to by the filename of his song (see title of this update):

Lord, make us instruments of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let your love increase
Lord, make us instruments of your peace,
Walls of pride and prejudice shall cease
When we are your instruments of peace

Where there is hatred, we will show his love
Where there is injury, we will never judge
Where there is striving, we will speak his peace
To the millions crying for release,
We will be his instruments of peace 

I had a long conversation with Cole last night…about the song, “Did I get the eq right? Do you like how it sounds? Is it loud enough?” and then I told him how much I needed to hear that song yesterday…we talked a while about how social media seems to be dividing everyone into us vs. them and how crummy that is. It was the kind of conversation you wish for and hope that you’ll have one day with your adult children. It made me proud to hear his perspective and his mature thoughts about our world.

Cole is making a kind of music that I don’t typically listen to, but this song that he made is affecting me in such a deep way…it’s hard to explain how much I needed to hear it and how profoundly it is impacting my spirit that it has come from his mind and creativity…I am totally obsessed with it now…I found myself lifting weights in the basement this morning , crying, listening to the song and walking over and hitting the triangle button on the dropbox link (my phone won’t hook up to my computers to download into iTunes after the new iOS update)…I think I was crying for many reasons, sadness at how divided our world/country is, but I was also crying tears of deep gratitude that God would give me a life to live with this family, that He gave me music to make, that I have a community of people that I love deeply and that though we, at times, don’t agree on things, sometimes in a significant way, that we love each other in spite of those differences…and that we’ve made a beautiful record of songs that I think are hopeful…and then I think I was crying out of a thankfulness for you. All of you who helped us put this together in a way that will take up a space in our lives and on our shelves.

My prayer for these songs is that they will be on repeat in your homes, in your cars, in your headphones…that maybe they will bring peace to you when you’re crying, or hope to you as you’re running down the road or tucking your kid into bed or courage as you’re talking with someone you love about how you disagree or that they'll spur you to prayer when life is unclear…I hope they’re helpful to you, like Cole’s song was to me yesterday…I love music! I luv you too! Thanks for helping us make this thing happen!

-mike crawford

oh yeah, I asked Cole is he minded if I previewed his song to a bunch of people who probably don’t listen to "vaporwave"…he said, “That’s totally cool dad, yeah!!” So here ya go:


oh yes! a song from the album! I'll be posting up to Facebook tomorrow...please keep spreading the word if you know anyone who wants to get a physical copy...only a few days left!

a song by my great friend Isaac Anderson 

a video made by me out at Conception Abbey

from the new record Bright Hopes! by Mike Crawford & his Secret Siblings

Drums: Brandon Jones

Bass: Grady Noonen

Vocals: Rachel Pollock

Guitars: Zac Greason

Lap Steel: Ian Davidson

Guitar & Vocal: Mike Crawford