The Paschal Mystery

I’ve been think­ing about death today, it being Holy Week and then hear­ing about the sud­den stroke of a friend of many of my friends…Our life is so frag­ile and we have a hard time remem­ber­ing that until tragedy strikes. We also ques­tion the lit­tle deaths we expe­ri­ence and won­der where God is in those deaths.

I was read­ing in The Glory of the Lord pt I by Hans Urs Von Balthasar today and hit this quote:

‘If we seek Christ’s beauty in a glory which is not that of the Cru­ci­fied, we are doomed to seek in vain.’ ‘In this self-revelation, God’s beauty embraces death as well as life, fear as well as joy, what we call ‘ugly’ as well as what we call ‘beau­ti­ful.’”

Lord, help us to see that Your ways are not our ways and that even in dark­ness, even in death, You do not aban­don us…

Lord have mercy…

Christ have mercy…

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