How Long, How Long, How Long O Lord?

Here's a demo I recorded of a song for the Lament series last Lent - from Psalm's also one of next Monday's Jacob's Well scripture passages - which you can receive on the ole' twitter...follow @jacobswell.



How Long, How Long, How Long O Lord?

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One thought on “How Long, How Long, How Long O Lord?

  1. I heard this song sev­er­al years ago when vis­it­ing Jacob’s We’ll dur­ing Lent. It has meant a lot to me ever since. There are very few songs of true lament in the mod­ern canon, and I want­ed to thank you for enter­ing that space and giv­ing voice to that very impor­tant part of Chris­tian life. This song has come back to me on numer­ous occa­sions when I need­ed to enter that space as well.

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