got the masters back

I just got the final mas­ters back from Mr. Alan Douch­es. They sound great. He’s done a fan­tas­tic job of get­ting the vol­ume up, yet still let­ting all the lay­ers speak. It’s fun because there are so many dif­fer­ent parts that it’s like some sort of secret sur­prise cake, one that has many fla­vors and toys hid­den thru-out…take a bite…see what you find…headphones will be a must for the best lis­ten­ing experience…I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it…

In oth­er recent news…I just got back from Croc, Mex­i­co with my two old­est kid­dos (Cole & Macyann). It was such an eye-open­ing expe­ri­ence for us to see how most of the world lives. Such a con­trast to the com­fort and lux­u­ry that we live in here in Amer­i­ca. At times it was overwhelming…what do we do? There’s too much pover­ty for us to real­ly make a dent…but just the sim­ple act of speak­ing with peo­ple down there…showing them that God sees them and cares for them…helping to build a house…aiding in the devel­op­ment of that community…it was good. It was still con­fus­ing com­ing home. I don’t want to live like they live, yet in a world of equi­ty, that’s what it would be…possibly even worse…I’m not sure my com­fy amer­i­can butt is ready for that…or ever will be.

I was remind­ed by a guy down there not to get over­whelmed, but to pray for specifics that God brings to my mind. Ask for His best for this world and to show me how I can help, even in lit­tle ways…that was good to think about…

luv to all,

mikey c.