mix done, mastering close to done, new (old) song posted

Hey every­one–

Just want­ed to let you know that the mix is done on the wor­ship cd…or should I say cdS…yes, you read it here first…not one, but two cds com­ing in one package…we had too much good­ness to be con­tained on one lit­tle sil­ver disc…that’s what col­or cds are, in case some of you for­got…

Any­way, Alan Douch­es (like couch­es) is mas­ter­ing this thing and he’s doing a fan­tas­tic job. He’s done the last cou­ple of Suf­jan Stevens records as well as records by Mid­lake, !!!, Galaxy 500, My Bright­est Dia­mond, Cheyen­ne, Ben Folds, etc, etc, etc…he’s real­ly great and has brought the mix­es to life…can’t wait for you to hear them not on myspace…myspace real­ly does sound so bad…I don’t think I’m just being a snob…anyway…the mas­ter­ing should be done in the next week or so…

Now, I’m wait­ing on the illus­tra­tion and lay­out to be done for the pack­ag­ing and then it’s off to Crys­tal Clear in Dal­las for dupli­ca­tion and into your sweet hands…I’m hop­ing to have the­se things ready by June sometime…we’ll see…I thought I’d be done by Jan­u­ary! ha!

Also, I just post­ed up an old Builder song that we sang at Jacob’s Well last week for the Psalm series…you should go lis­ten to Tim’s mes­sage on Psalm 88, it’s a great one…The song is called The Stan­dard and that’s Mrs. Lori Chaf­fer singing the sweet back­ground parts…yep, from so long ago…I wrote this one when we had first moved up to Kansas City, and I was com­plete­ly disoriented…where was God? and why did he have me in this place? did he see me? I was hav­ing a lack of faith and lack of friends and just need­ed to see some oth­er peo­ple liv­ing faith­ful­ly, pur­su­ing God…luckily, those peo­ple came around…

also, anoth­er new song we sang this past week was called Lord I’m All Alone and was writ­ten by my good friend David (aka Emo, aka Du-pree) Bennett…go check it out on his myspace…and while you’re there, tell Emo I said “hey”…if you’re lucky, he’ll do some sweet hard­core dance moves for you…Showbread any­one?

luv ya,

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